This Shopify app is called:

Accept My Marketing

"This app is critical to supporting our email marketing strategy to keep our customers engaged and become repeat buyers. We've seen a dramatic increase in our opt in rate, so more first time customers become long term customers. It even shows the ACTUAL dollar amounts gained because of the changes we have made. Simple, easy to use and easy to analyze results. It's a must have."

- Mitch Briggs, AltRed


It does one thing really well:

It makes sure (nearly) 100% of your customers are receiving your emails.

"This simple app was a breeze to set up and increased my email marketing opt-in rate from 7% to 75%. That number says it all. If you're going to invest in driving traffic to your website to turn visitors into customers, you should absolutely be investing in retaining and remarketing to those customers. Accept My Market offers the simplest and most affordable solution for doing that at scale. Highly recommend!"

- Eric Murphy, IsoTunes


That is important because:


Your Shopify customers choose to "Accept" or "Deny" your email marketing based on one checkbox.


If they un-check that box, they will not be added to Mailchimp (or other email platforms) as Subscribed... i.e., they will not receive your emails.


Here's how Accept My Marketing works:

1. We show you the % of your customers that accept marketing and how much more (or less) $$$ they spend.



2. The app guides you to optimize the Subscription Prompt on your checkout page.


3. You re-capture customers who deny marketing with a Call to Action on your checkout confirmation page.


4. Win back past and ongoing customers not accepting marketing by sending automatic invitations to re-accept (feature coming soon!).


5. We show you the real numbers in our quest to help you reach 100% of your customers accepting your emails!