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Know your customers. Love your customers.

Understand which customers love you, why they love you, and make their friends love you with Mavenly.

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Team Mavenly

We're a team of designers, developers, and digital marketers who have spent years building software for clients and consulting ecommerce companies. 

We're excited to take that experience and turn our focus to Shopify!

You have 3,208 customers all time. Of your last 100 customers surveyed… Happiest Product Happiest Region Popular Customers Pedro Wisler <3’s You$512.16 Lifetime Spend14k followers on Instagram Chris Trotzke <3’s You$337.93 Lifetime Spend8.3k followers on Instagram Sarah Lacey <3’s You$119.03 Lifetime Spend21k followers on Instagram 11% 8% 71% 63% 18% 29% Unhappy Unhappy Indifferent Indifferent In love In love 353 8 2,277 63 578 29 Dashboard Dashboard Customers Surveys Insights Actions Dashboard Settings Log out

Seamlessly Survey Your Customers

Unlock Key Insights

Take Action for Growth

Personal, thoughtful, and effective touch points automatically sent to your Shopify customers to collect their feedback and gauge their brand affinity.

Our platform automatically pulls your Shopify data to show you hidden insights on which products, regions, or customer types are most enthused about your brand.

With your most excited and impactful customers discovered, you can engage them for ongoing feedback and support to grow your customer base and make smarter decisions.

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