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InstaFollow - Reveal your customers on Instagram

The Shopify app that finds your customers on Instagram so you can easily follow and engage.

Introducing: ConnectSocial


We use a complex series of custom searches to identify as many of your customers as possible.

First, we find your customers on Instagram for you.

Then, you choose who you want to follow.

From all customers to those with certain audience sizes, quickly filter those you want to engage with.

For all brands: enjoy this...

When your customers follow you back tag, tag you in photos, and you engage your influential customers!

Use case for smaller brands:

Power up your presence on Instagram.

Use case for larger brands:

Expand your reach with ease.

Follow each new customer on Instagram.

Send them a direct message thanking them for their order and show them that you are a real human.

This increases the likelyhood that they will follow you back, tag you in their photos, and tell their friends about their experience with you!




Filter your customers by those with over 10,000 followers on IG.

Follow just those customers.

Send those customers a personal email thanking them for their order and giving them a unique discount code so they can order again. Attach a unique image or update from your company and encourage them to share to their large audience!




Rolling out first-come-first-serve, summer 2017:

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